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Army School MIran Sahib is a Centre of Learning located 7 kms from the city of Jammu (J&K). The school is providing quality education in a peaceful ambience. Students are provided with well equipped labs, library and playgrounds. Focus of the school is balanced, all round development of students.

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Games and Sports



Sports and games will receive an increasing priority in the school curriculum. School will develop facilities and programmes to ensure that each student participates in at least in three games during an academic year. Tournaments in selected events will be organized at the school and students will participate at regional and the national levels. It will also develop a system for identifying talent and grooming potential sportsmen/women through coaching camps. Regional level excellence shall be developed in at least three disciplines of sports. Apart from developing the physical infrastructure and equipment, a cadre of coaches of different disciplines will be engaged in the school to support the program.

To explore the multifarious tendencies & strength of the students, the sports activities get ample of space. Unit ground is shared by the school. There are fine and superior quality of equipments stored in sports and games room.
Rigorous training in the sports is provided by expert trainers in the following games:-
(a) Basketball
(b) Volleyball
(c) Badminton
(e) Kho-Kho
(f) Football
(g) Skipping
(h) Kabaddi
(j) Cricket
(l) Hockey
(m) Athletics
(n) Throws/Jumps
(o) Cricket
(p) Psychomotor skills Obstacle course of unit.