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Army School MIran Sahib is a Centre of Learning located 7 kms from the city of Jammu (J&K). The school is providing quality education in a peaceful ambience. Students are provided with well equipped labs, library and playgrounds. Focus of the school is balanced, all round development of students.

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The school will have books at the ratio 1:5 (@ 5 books/students) a library with a minimum of 5,000 books. This will be supported by a reading program which will become an integral part of the language development program in the school. 20 new titles of supplementary readers for classes IV to VI shall be added every year to enrich the reading program in the school so that every student receives books and other learning materials in time.

The school has a well - furnished & automated library. The school has spent Rs 56,079/- for purchase of new books. Seventeen magazines and six newspapers have been subscribed every year. Total number of books is as follows:-

(a) English 1153
(b) Hindi 340
(c) Others 547

Library Facilities
i) Size of the Library in sq. feet 26’X16’ sq. feet
ii) No. of Periodicals -
iii) No. of Dailies 6
iv) No. of Reference books class-wise 130
v) No. of Magazine 14
vi) Others -